Kindle Unlimited. So what is it, exactly? Here’s what Amazon has to say.

Kindle Unlimited is a service that allows you to read as much as you want, choosing from over 2 million titles, thousands of audio books, and select magazine subscriptions. Explore new authors, books, and genres from mysteries and romance to sci-fi and more. You can read on any device. It’s available for $9.99 a month and you can cancel anytime. Try it free for 30 days.

I use Kindle Unlimited quite a bit. It’s a great way to try out indie authors as well as being an awesome way to support them.

But there’s more than just indie books in Kindle Unlimited: it really is a library that charges quite a reasonable fee, considering the sheer number of books you can read and then return.

*strokes beard* Why, back in my day, when I was just a young nipper (three years ago), they only let you check out TEN books at a time. You young whippersnappers have no idea how good you have it renting twenty books at once – bah, spoiled, that’s what you are!

Anyway, I often see requests from my bookish buddies asking for recommendations for this service, so I decided to build this post to provide just that!

So here we go: twenty books to get you started on Kindle Unlimited. Because why borrow one book when you could borrow twenty and read them ALL AT ONE TIME IN AN EPIC BINGE?

CLICK ON THE LINK TO SIGN UP and scroll on to see what you should read first!

THE SWAN KING BY NINA CLARE: Based loosely on German folktales surrounding the mysterious Mad King Ludwig and his infamous castle Neuschwanstein, this novella is truly haunting, walking an intoxicating edge between myth and reality as fairy tale meets history, navigated by a sweet heroine who feels herself torn, as we are, between the real world and the realm of the Fae. This was such a gentle and lovely story with a spiritual purity running through this story—a thread of golden truth. Enchanting and lyrical – mystical and marvelous.

THE STEPSISTER AND THE SLIPPER BY NINA CLARE: This novella is perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen: this book has a charming Regency vibe. There are many wonderful books in the Villain’s Ever After series, but I must say I had a soft spot for this story. Nina Clare’s take on the villainous stepsister really offered us something new with the cold and calculating Charlotte who still manages to be lovable and relatable as she leads us on an engaging character arc in a sweet little journey of redemption. A sassy and quirky romance makes for an altogether satisfactory ending. I’ve read a lot of Cinderella retellings, but this is definitely one of my favorites.

A KISS TO BREAK THE SPELL BY ADELLE SUMMERS: This was nothing short of a delight. WHAT a story. Each chapter things just kept getting better and better – this author packed so much into the Frog Prince and pulled plot twists out of thin air, weaving them together into a sweet and wonderful retelling. Roland’s gradual reawakening and metamorphosis is very well done, indeed. This is definitely a new favorite. A warm, sweet tale that had me smiling and laughing out loud through-out its too-short entirety.

THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN BY GEORGE MACDONALD: While not overtly Christian, there are wonderful themes that can be found in this dreamy classic—like the nuggets of gold the goblins may find in the mountains. Themes of trust, obedience, and courage are on fine display within these pages. Curdie’s knowledge about how to defeat the goblins with songs and, most importantly, to not show them any fear is one of the best allegories I’ve ever seen for how we ought to face demonic forces. Which leads me to the best part. Curdie himself. There are very few fearless heroes to be found in literature, but Curdie is one of them.

THE LAST ATLANTEAN BY EMILY HAYSE: This novel gave me very strong Rosemary Sutcliff vibes: always a good thing! A lyrically-written story, the mood perfectly encapsulates the moody and mesmerizing quality of a cold and dark sea. A slow and thoughtful read with an unusual perspective, Hayse captures the regal and honor-filled Atlantean culture. Juxtaposed to the homey, close-knit community of a small coastal town in the US, it makes for an intriguing contrast. An intriguing read full of noble characters, mystical settings, and a dash of sweet romance.

THE RYN BY SERENA CHASE: This is a beautiful and inspiring read that puts an epic spin on the tale of Snow White and Rose Red. Full of powerful themes of truth and goodness that brought tears to my eyes more than once. Opulently-described locations and a fascinating magic system along the lines of C.S. Lewis that instantly transported me. Rose’s quest to find her creator is truly haunting and enchanting. Unlike other more preachy works, the spiritual aspects feel like an organic part of the book, they are part of the theme, they are not shoehorned in to make it Christian – they are a rich, gorgeous undercurrent rippling through the story. A breathtaking read.

DARE BY TRICIA MINGERINK: This is a novel that I sped through in two days flat. I was seized from the beginning by the interesting set-up and unique storyline. that leaves you feeling inspired and uplifted. I was particularly drawn in by the unique locations (I don’t ever remember seeing a medieval fantasy book set in a Dakota-type setting). I was also captured by Leith’s gripping arc and cheering him on in the hopes of seeing him freed from the life he was trapped in. But what stood out the most about this book was the message of God’s love. I was very encouraged when I finished Dare by the message of salvation.

RIGHT HO, JEEVES BY P.G. WODEHOUSE: P.G. Wodehouse is my kind of author. He’s witty, bubbly, irreverent, and has an odd mixture of taking everything serious and nothing seriously all at the same time. The zany slapstick has a veneer of sophisticated wit that gives it a certain panache and the stories are often a comedy of errors that expounds (with great enjoyment) on the simple absurdity of the ordinary human. Quirky absurdity is on glorious display in this series of stories that had me laughing till I cried. To paraphrase another review, it’s almost like an English sitcom, full of British-isms, butlers, and balderdash. It’s sure to delight.

THE WIZARD OF OZ BY FRANK BAUM: Baum was a true storyteller and romped with such freedom through his fictional tales it never fails to bring a smile to my face. Here’s our plucky heroine and her sassy puppy walking down a brick road, dodging flying monkeys and looking for home and—presto!—there’s a magical tree brimming with the very thing you need to accomplish your task. Baum waves his fist and laughs at the idea of trying to write a “serious work” and, consequently, we have some of the most enduring children’s fiction of all time. From the quirky enchantment of the worldbuilding to the heartwarming relationships and themes, The Wizard of Oz is a rollicking gold story that is sure to capture you. 

THE RELUCTANT GODFATHER BY ALLISON TEBO: It would be very remiss of me not to plug my own book. Here’s a pitch I wrote for it a while ago: I thought it had a certain panache.

The Tales of Ambia series are fairy tales as you have never seen them before. Perfect for read-alouds, perfect for the whole family, perfect for lovers of rom-coms, perfect for fans or cozy adventures such as Studio Ghibli or Pixar, this series features a grumpy fairy godparent who would rather bake cakes than take care of humans. Whether he’s averting political coups or falling in love, the hilarious escapades of Burndee and his family may be the escape you’re looking for.

PROPHET BY R.J. LARSON: As someone who loves Biblical fiction and fantasy, this is the perfect blend. Prophet follows Ela of Parne a normal girl about to be married Jewish style in the middle of a 70% Old Testament 30% Fantasy universe. One day Ela’s little sister leads her into a prophet’s tomb, There the Infinite (God) asks Ela to become his prophet. She accepts. I particularly enjoyed how this book kept you guessing about which part of the Old Testament it was shadowing, and found the characters and spiritual parallels to be both relatable and gripping. This is definitely one of the best Biblical allegories I’ve read in a long time.

SHATTERED SNOW BY RACHEL HUFFMIRE: I have read a lot of fairy tales, but I have never read one like this before. With every page, it just kept getting stranger and stranger – but in a good way. I really DON’T have many words to describe this, save for one: fascinating. This punk-y version of Snow White rotates around hardcore time travel science fiction full of enough twists and turns to turn anyone’s mind into delighted knots. Perfect for fans of Doctor Who who love “time-wimey” elements, this will be one version of Snow White you will never forget.

ARBROOK HUXLEY AND THE STAR-CROSSED LOVERS BY MOLLIE. E. REEDER: I am a big fan of Reeder’s debut novel THE ELECTRICAL MENAGERIE. This mesmerizing steampunk world full of sky-trains and robotic circuses absolutely captured my imagination so it’s no wonder that I snapped up every other story set in The Celestial Isles. This charming short story features the characters you know and love from the novel stumbling their way through humorous new scenarios. It’s a treat, and the perfect side-dish to a lovely main course.

And here are seven more recommendations to bring us up to even twenty. I won’t review them here, since this post is getting long and I reviewed them previously on THIS BLOG POST but, trust me, you want to read them.

Well? Have I convinced you yet? Good! Then don’t forget to CLICK ON THE LINK TO SIGN UP NOW FOR KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Have you read any of these books? What are your top recommendations for Kindle Unlimited?

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  1. Great choices, Alli! I remember enjoying The Princess and the Goblin as a kid.

    P.G. Wodehouse is a true delight. I adore everything he writes.


    Actually, so many of these are already ON my (mental) TBR because yessss, we needs them preciousss! I’m ashamed to say the only ones I’ve read that you mentioned are The Princess and the Goblin (a CLASSIC <3), Arbrook Huxley and the Star-crossed Lovers (because ALWAYS YES to Carthage and Huxley), An Echo of the Fae (such a precious story), and OF COURSE The Reluctant Godfather which gives me ALL the happy feels even just thinking about it. <333

    BUT. UM. I need alllll of these. Wow, this is such a great list! I'm especially interested in Shattered Snow because I have NEVER heard of this one and it sounds so intriguing. I mean, timey-wimey Snow White? YES PLEASE.

    I should probably scold you for adding yet MORE books to my TBR buuut we all know we booklovers love it. *grins* This list was amazing!


      Don’t be ashamed – I get that feeling ALL the time. 😛 AWWW, thank you. You’re so sweet.

      YES, the timey-wimey Snow White actually made me think of you and several other Whovian friends!

      Haha, sorry not sorry. *grins* Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Christine!

  3. What a beautiful review! Thank you so much for including my book in this list—and thanks for your lovely words about THE RYN! ❤️❤️❤️

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