About Allison Tebo:

I started writing when I was ten years old, and I haven’t been able to stop.

It’s impossible for me to limit myself to one genre – I love exploring nearly every genre under the sun and I love pushing myself to try more.  Skating onto thin and treacherous ice is just as thrilling to me as sailing on the smooth lakes of beloved genres.

I would rather write something timeless than relevant. Relevancy is often lost on readers, but something timeless resonates for as long as a book is in print.

What My Writing Looks Like – 

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and the center of my life, and the Truth that I believe finds its way into all my writing. Though the message is not always overt, the themes that He has placed in the human heart are there. I don’t use my faith as an excuse for bad storytelling. Zeal cannot make up for a poorly crafted story. I believe that I have a moral duty to entertain readers with good stories that give them a respite from the press of everyday life – and that they deserve the best kinds of entertaining fiction. It is my life’s goal to pursue quality craftsmanship and escapist excellence in all my writing. 

I write character-driven fiction. I love to dig down into the depths of a heart and explore different personalities on paper. I believe that no hero is perfect, that every villain has a reflection of ourselves and that both heroes and villains are a way of exploring the fundamental truths that rule a human heart. 

I believe in happy endings – even if it’s not always the happy ending we think we want. I write about good triumphing over evil, and I like to spend more time in the light than in the dark.
Invariably, you will find a lot of humor in my writing. My pen has a leak and spills laughter all over the place. There’s very little I can do about it.

When I’m Not Writing – 

You’ll find me working at my day job as a saleswoman for a major transportation company. Imagine yourself on the Silk Road – see that caravan master transporting goods across the desert and then haggling for the best prices in the marketplace? That would have been me.
If I could tell writers (or anyone) to study one thing, I would recommend they take a class in selling – it’s a true life skill. 

When I’m not working in sales, I am a voracious reader and movie viewer. I love to sing and upload song covers to YouTube. I love art and can sometimes be found putting several years of studying at London Art College to good use with paints and pencils. I love baking so much it has become a signature mark of my Tales of Ambia series. And if I have any time left at all – you will invariably find me talking to other people and exercising my extroverted tendencies to their fullest capacity.

“We must not of course write anything that will flatter lust, pride or ambition.  But we needn’t all write patently moral or theological work.  Indeed, work whose Christianity is latent may do quite as much good and may reach some whom the more obvious religious work would scare away.

The first business of a story is to be a good story. When Our Lord made a wheel in the carpenter shop, depend upon it: It was first and foremost a good wheel.  Don’t try to ‘bring in’ specifically Christian bits: if God wants you to serve him in that way you will find it coming in of its own accord.  If not, well—a good story which will give innocent pleasure is a good thing, just like cooking a good nourishing meal. . . .

Any honest workmanship making stories, shoes, or rabbit hutches) can be
done to the glory of God.”

~ C.S. Lewis