For The Love Of Robots: Why Humans Love Stories About Non-Humans

There is a universalism to certain story elements. Man, woman, or child – of varying creed, background, or ethnicity – are drawn to the identical elements over and over again.

The reason? Because “eternity has been set in the hearts of men” (Ecclesiastics 3:11). Every story element we know is rooted in a spiritual truth that resonates with every human being that has ever lived because it reminds us of who we are and Who created us.

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What Disney Taught Me About Writing

“I think that by producing family films we reach the audience which has been dormant at the box office for a long time.  I don’t like downbeat pictures and I cannot believe that the average family does either.  Personally, when I go to the theater I don’t want to come out depressed.  That’s why we make the kind of films so many label “’family type.’” – Walt Disney

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