The Goblin and the Dancer – Guest Post – The Theme Of The Steadfast Tin Soldier

So honored to be posting one of my very first guest posts!

Thank you for featuring me, Sawyer! Head on over to Sundrop Girls (click on blog name) to read my post. I’m diving into the themes of Hans Christian Anderson’s original tale . . . or rather my Christian interpretation. I think thoughts on steadfastness are needed today more than ever. I hope you enjoy.

For The Love Of Robots: Why Humans Love Stories About Non-Humans

There is a universalism to certain story elements. Man, woman, or child – of varying creed, background, or ethnicity – are drawn to the identical elements over and over again.

The reason? Because “eternity has been set in the hearts of men” (Ecclesiastics 3:11). Every story element we know is rooted in a spiritual truth that resonates with every human being that has ever lived because it reminds us of who we are and Who created us.

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